Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wish for A Friend

I have a friend from a far-away land

where the women are beautiful,

draped in vivid colors,

with thick, black crowns of glory,

that sway as they dance

and entice the men who admire them.

They are all that is beautiful

with timid but searching black eyes

under ebony lashes.

Most men ache for such women,

such beauty.

My friend is unique, though admittedly,

the only one of his type that I know.

His beauty runs deep

where his soul pulses.

He is a thinker of life.

He plans his future and his place in the world.

His vocabulary includes words such as

beautiful to describe life's experiences,

and the people of the world.

His heart's eyes search for beauty

in all that he does,

but without naivete.

His secrets are the untapped beauties

beneath his surface.

Though we stand on distant, separate piers,

I am blessed to have a glimpse

of such a rare jewel.

While our lives are worlds apart,

we share a bridge of understanding

that I hope withstands all of time.

May you find your kindred spirit

with whom to share all of your dreams.

May you live a long and thoughtful life,

and be blessed in the ways you bless others.

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