Sunday, October 30, 2011

the heart loves who it will

the end of another week and i'm overwhelmed by myriad emotions. it's occurred to me in the past few years that life is comprised of a series of interactions with people. some people accept me at face value and meet me where i am without judgment. others will always mistrust and minimize my value even though i have advocated for them throughout our relationship, unable to either see, want, or accept my support. some will gladly accept love and support when it is offered, but it is a one-sided relationship--all taking and no giving.

but what has become so clear is that life is a series of events where we love, only hoping to be loved in return. but regardless of how much we give and how much energy we put into loving others, whether or not it is received, appreciated, accepted, and returned is beyond our control. love is not a currency for which repayment is guaranteed, for as it has been spoken a million times, the heart loves who it will.

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