Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Sounds of Sunday Morning

A nestled cocoon with occasional sounds of nature penetrate the walls of cedar. The smell of freshly cut trees now erected into vertical order. A quiet respite to gather one's thoughts on a rainy Sunday morning, or a loving catch-up room to reconnect with a daughter gone for five years, home briefly to touch the safety and reassurance of home base.

The bird with a gentle mournful hoo-hoo-hoo repeats the rhythmic song as its ancestors have for a millennium. If it were asked to stop, it simply could not--this is its purpose.

A rambunctious chatterer noisily disrupts the green and blue serenity splitting the still quiet of the morning. Sleepers stir, their breaths become shallower as they rise to the surface of slumber, but fall away again as the stillness returns.

The gentleness of the birds waking in the trees harmonize softly as all awake, but then build to a crescendo as sleep leaves them and they begin the celebration of a new day. 


Anonymous said...

whenever I feel homesick...I come here and read your work. a heart to heart. love you, mama.

Cobalt Blues said...

Not sure which of you this is, but it doesn't really matter. Just happy it provides a touch of home when you need it.

Love you baby!