Thursday, September 3, 2009


Simple yet warm and comforting. Almost rich, and something else for which I cannot find the word. Is it the woods and quiet, the austerity that tells me you aren't hidden by trappings and superficialities? How there are no distractions and I am here in this real, simple beauty tucked among the fall trees like being sheltered in God's loving hand? Is it:


Peace - I think it's the feeling of peace. And with peace comes warmth, luxury, quality, and richness. I have felt it before but didn't know the feeling...had never named it before, nor paused to consider it.

Perhaps this is how Jesus felt when he went off to pray, or better still, what he was seeking when he went to pray. It feeds my soul, nourishes, and fills me again with energy to continue to work and love--to leave pieces of myself scattered behind, but to do so for the higher power. To do it for my own self-righteousness would not matter because I am so insignificant, so inconsequential--doing anything for me would be as though not doing it at all; it's value and benefit would all be lost. Therefore, if it is not for a very significant creator of mankind and the universe that we try to do good, if there is no such creator, then all of life is pointless and means nothing.

But I know life is not pointless for from it comes love, and if nothing else, for life to be simply about love, is to have participated in something quite grand and beautiful.

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