Monday, May 11, 2009


One thing I've learned in my life is that many people show their goodness immediately upon meeting them, as though all of their good qualities lie close to their surface for all to see. This gives them an edge in the world because they are easy to know and understand.

Others are obviously good on the outside, though unintentionally, they shelter their person deep within and only those who make an effort to know them see them on the inside. What doesn't show is their immense heart, beauty, passion, and love that lay in their hearts. They possess an intense caring for all of life, so intense that they absorb the world's pain as their own.

You are that person in my life. Because I know you deeply, I know the depths of your love and compassion for others. From you, these beautiful qualities exist through our families and in all of our children in different ways. Always know, Mom, that your impact in the world has been profound, and your beautiful qualities will be alive in our family's generations forever.

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