Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I think I miss kissing the most. The beautiful shape of the mouth so well crafted to fit another's. Lips, especially your luscious, beautiful lips, were put on this earth for mine. Their soft, tender caress, like the velvety smoothness of rose petals; the gentle probe of your tongue so welcome yet missed so much. The combined experience somehow evokes strength and weakness simultaneously.

Naive perhaps, but I believe that kissing speaks a language all its own, not translatable into any spoken language. But if not words, then what is communicated during this ancient ritual of affection?

Between us, a kiss is an opulent sensory experience where, I swear, I actually feel my soul meet yours. Swirling and turning slowly, they meld together and become almost one in a beautiful dance that can only be interpreted by the language of my heart.

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ag said...

thats so romantic. i can imagine that language, though i never spoke it!