Sunday, June 1, 2008


The smell of earth, the rich aroma of dampness, citrus, native rainfall and oils marry to compile a sample of the state it comes from. Frost, sunshine, rain, fog, heat, humidity, earth--all meld to create the essence of the fruit that is an orange, the fruit that is also a color, spelled the same way, one being a noun, the other an adjective. Does the brilliant color of the peel have anything to do with the sun? Is it coincidental that oranges and the sun are at times, the same color and the same shape?

The palest of paint chips bumps into only a drop of a darker pigment, only a shade darker than itself. What else is beige? It reminds me of a joke I heard one but not in mixed company. Beige is a tricky color because depending on the lighting, it can look white. It reminds me of the color of some chickens' eggs, a pastel color that Martha Stewart would have both a lovely name for as well as a rare breed of chicken that only lays that type of egg. It's the color of killdere eggs found in ground nests in the yard, or in the garden in Spring, except without the dark brown splotches.

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