Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I think of youth continually, every minute, every second. Though I do not wish to revisit those days, why do I think back on them so fondly? They were difficult, painful years that left welts. Yet, youth was the brightest part of my life since life began.

Youth visits me in my slumber. It peers deep into my soul and reads the emotions written on my heart, a language even I do not know. Though there are no words, something is spoken. Like the sun and the moon we move cautiously around one another, afraid that only one honest word will upset everything and it will have no choice but to flee forever.

I stir. Its lovely aroma lingers and I feel its imprint on my soul and in my memory. Childhood memories flood my mind.

Youth, love, don't be fooled by my childish ways, my joy, my curiosity. Only a remnant of you remains that I will cherish and cling to as long as I can. But this remnant will soon be a faded memory, and then one day I will be unsure if you were real or just a dream.

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